Service Mesh 201 - Traffic Management

Istio comes with a hand full of features aiming to solve the modern technical problems arising from the shift of monolith application to distributed microservice architecture, In this blog entry we are going to explore Traffic Management, one of the core features of a service mesh. For a better understanding... [Read More]

Service Mesh 101

I am starting this blog series about Service Meshes taking Istio, the most stable and production ready, as an example throughout the rest of the series but let’s start first by what is actually a service mesh and we dig deep into core functionalities and benefetis of using it and... [Read More]

SQL Server on Containers and AKS

Let’s go through some facts before we drill down to the concrete stuff, Containers are ephemeral and stateless in nature which raises already a couple of question marks around the topic of having SQL Server running on containers within your Kubernetes cluster, Cause the fact is when we think about... [Read More]